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VIDEO – Sampang Crisis – IHRC response

IHRC's response to Crisis in Sampang

Sampang Crisis

A brief report from a UJN delegation that went on a mission to Indonesia to discuss unity and progress in the region.

URGENT ALERT: Indonesia Military hampering tsunami aid effort, abusing survivors

IHRC urges all campaigners to immediately contact their local Indonesian embassy and demand that martial law be suspended in Aceh and that aid be immediately distributed to all affected areas and people without discrimination.

URGENT ALERT: Concern at Indonesia’s inaction in Aceh

IHRC is calling on all campaigners to contact the Indonesian authorities immediately about their sluggish response to the tsunami disaster that has devastated Aceh

ALERT UPDATE: Aceh Crisis, Indonesia

Recent events have seen the continuation in the severity of the violence, ever since the fragile peace accord between the Indonesian government and Aceh\'s separatist movement broke down.

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