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CAMPAIGN UPDATE: International Helsinki Federation Report on Anti-Terrorism and Human...

Read the Islamic Human Rights Commission's comments on the UK situation in 'Anti-Terrorism Measures, Security and Human Rights: Developments in Europe, Central Asia and North America in the Aftermath of September 11'.

PRESS RELEASE: Orthodox Jews To Burn Israeli Flag in International Ceremony

Forwarded press release: Demonstration of the essence of the Holiday "Purim"

The International Criminal Court and Possible US Prosecution

Perpetrators safe in the knowledge that the international community will not bring them to account have committed some of the worst crimes of modern times.

IHRC’s International Conference on Prisoners of Faith

Confirmed international attendees: Merve Kavakci (USA / Turkey), Imam Achmad Cassiem (South Africa), Dr. Shuaibu Musa (Nigeria). There will also be speakersfrom Bosnia and Lebanon.

International Conference on Prisoners of Faith

Academics, activists and former prisoners convene to discuss the dark side of civil society.

9/11: International and Islamic Concepts of Justice

M.S. Bahmanpour addresses the concept of justice in the light of current affairs.

United Nations Palestine Day: The Anniversary of International Hypocrisy

The world commemorates "International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People” by the United Nations.

International Terror in the Guise of Justice

The IHRC condemns the attacks on Afghanistan launched by the US and UK as laden with contradiction and double standards.

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