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Ten Days in Tehran – The Last Night

Some afterthoughts on my trip to Iran

Ten Days in Tehran: 7,8,9 – Three days in Esfahan

Sanctions are supported by Muslim internecine demonisation

Ten Days in Tehran: Days 4,5,6 Tehran and Karaj

A trip north of Tehran and some notes on sanctions

Ten Days in Tehran – Day 2: Sharon Fruit

Demonisation and the march to war...

Forwarded Alert: UK/Iran – Big Debate on Iran

Join the debate on whether sanctions are a legitimate way of dealing with Iran’s nuclear programme.

The Kazmi Affair: Weaning India off Iran?

Veteran Indian journalist Syed Mohammed Kazmi was arrested last week in connection with last month’s New Delhi bombing targeting an Israeli diplomat's vehicle.

Open letter to WSJ for endorsing murder of Iranian scientist

S. Mohamed Idris reflects on the rhetoric of war

Target Iran: Washington’s Countdown to War

Tom Burghardt analyses US manoeuverings over Iran

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