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Ban On Returning British Jihadis Criticised

Powers to stop some British fighters returning from Syria and Iraq is an "announcement waiting for a policy"

Open letter to the Muslim community in the UK

The rise of the organization calling itself the Islamic State poses another huge challenge to the global Muslim ummah

UK anti-terror moves demonize Muslims

Arzu Merali on the new British counter-terrorism measures

Press release: Obama’s ‘Islamic State’ strategy won’t eradicate extremists

Recent history shows that US intervention in the region has only ever had the effect of fanning extremism

Christian groups put their case strongly at UN Iraq hearing

IHRC on Iraq at the United Nations

IHRC Statement on Iraq

Oral Statement to UN Human Rights Committee

ISIL created to split Muslims, taint Islam: Analyst

Watch a Press TV interview with Massoud Shadjareh about ISIL

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