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Press release: Confused government policy encourages foreign fighters

There needs to be more consistency in government's foreign policy.

Press release: Misreporting of Iraq conflict fans sectarian hatred

The complex nature of the faultlines in Iraq is being mischaracterisesd.

Press release: ICC must conduct FORMAL investigation into UK war crimes

Those who are responsible must rightly be brought to justice 

Islamic Awakening to Engulf Saudi Arabia Soon: Iraqi Politician

The Islamic Awakening has become a wave today, said a member of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq on Saturday, adding that this wave will soon engulf Saudi Arabia.

World must end Saudi-sponsored Takfiri atrocities: Analyst

 IHRC's chairman Massoud Shadjareh talks to Press TV on the bomb attacks in Iraq. 

Sanctions: Lessons from Iraq

An overview of the oppressive sanctions regime against Iraq and its implications today

Forwarded Press Release: THE DIGNITY OF IRAQI WOMEN

A rising casualty of the Western Democratic Experiment

Forwarded Alert: UK – Rally: Hands Off Libya

Libya could become another Afghanistan and Iraq.

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