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When Murder Becomes the Norm

It was only yesterday that BBC did an investigative report highlighting how Britain and its allies gave safe passage to 250 hard-core ISIS fighters

Shame on you, Hilary Benn

You and your phantom battalions and dodgy dossiers have never mattered in struggles for justice

Press release – UK/Syria: Bombing Syria will only aggravate ISIS (Daesh)...

Bombing Daesh in Iraq has done little or nothing to reduce the threat of terrorism elsewhere

Press release: Terrorist attacks underline that Muslims are main victims of...

It is wrong to hold Muslims collectively responsible for the actions of a morally depraved minority

Cameron warns of ‘quietly condoning’ IS ideology

Massoud Shadjareh from IHRC said it was "misguided and dangerous" to suggest that the solution was to tackle the ideology of Islam

Press release – UK: Cameron should look closer to home for...

The PM would be better served by looking at Britain's own and wider western policy in the region which gave birth to ISIS

Press release: US allied intelligence officer hands over British girls to...

Success of IS in Iraq and Syria owes much to the support it is receiving from the West and it's allies

Press release: Open letter: British Muslims must frame an independent challenge...

We must be clear that ISIS is not the result of a corrupted form of Islam but the realisation of contemporary Western forms of chauvinism abusing the name of Islam

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