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What do German Muslims think?

A new report finds that half of all Germans feel that Islam is a threat and is not a fit for Germany.  

VIDEO – 75% of Brits think Islam is a threat: Survey

IHRC report on Hate Crime in the UK

Today Tonight’s false depiction of Muslims exposed

In this MuslimVillage.com investigative report we expose the tabloid TV current affairs show Today Tonight and it's depiction of Australian Muslims.

Britain’s War on Islam

Stephen Lendman discusses the story behind what he sees as the war against Islam in Britain today.

Action Alert: Egypt – Enforced Disappearance of Camilia Shehata

IHRC urges the Egyptian government to ensure the safety and wellbeing of Camilia Shehata who disappeared after converting to Islam.

PRESS RELEASE: UK – Letter challenging the promotion of hate in...

The letter has been signed by prominent members of British society who feel that articles inciting hatred against people based on their race, religion or ethnicity are unacceptable.

The Problem with Gita

Will the concept of a Muslim human rights activist ever be fully acceptable in Western society?

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