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New report: Nigeria – UPDATE OF THE 2016 IHRC ‘COMMUNICATION TO...

IHRC's latest communication with the International Criminal Court regarding the Zaria Massacres of 2015, entitled 'UPDATE OF THE 2016 IHRC ‘COMMUNICATION TO...

Nigeria Digest #106

#FreeZakzaky protests intestified in Nigeria

Nigeria Digest #104

Two more #FreeZakzaky protesters killed by Nigerian Police

Nigeria Digest #98

Another victim of Ashura attack attained martyrdom

NIGERIA: Activist Ayesha Yusefu – a background to the current social...

Watch Ayesha Yusefu discuss the deeply embedded injustices of the Buhari administration and the issues facing Nigerian society.

Court accepts Sheikh El-Zakzaky’s and Mallima Zeenah can travel to India.

Updates on Sheikh Zakzaky's hearing of 5 August can be found here. Keep refreshing the page for latest information.

Australia: Dua program for Sheikh Zakzaky (Victoria)

Dua Program in Victoria, Australia, Friday 12 July, 7pm at Panjtan Society, 21-23 Adelaide St, St Albans VIC 3021, Australia.

Nigeria Digest #84

Nigerian Army opened fire on peaceful #FreeZakzaky protesters

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