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A Letter to Matthew Offord concerning his quote in thejc.com

We would like to point out that Daesh flags have never been flown at an Al Quds Day rally. This is a lie, that is being used to smear the peaceful participants of the Al Quds Day rally and the IHRC.

Press release: Open letter: British Muslims must frame an independent challenge...

We must be clear that ISIS is not the result of a corrupted form of Islam but the realisation of contemporary Western forms of chauvinism abusing the name of Islam

Open letter to the Muslim community in the UK

The rise of the organization calling itself the Islamic State poses another huge challenge to the global Muslim ummah

Press release: IS ideology should be condemned, not just individual acts

We must not forget the many innocents continuously slaughtered by IS on a daily basis

Press release: Obama’s ‘Islamic State’ strategy won’t eradicate extremists

Recent history shows that US intervention in the region has only ever had the effect of fanning extremism

Christian groups put their case strongly at UN Iraq hearing

IHRC on Iraq at the United Nations

IHRC Statement on Iraq

Oral Statement to UN Human Rights Committee

UK Muslims reject notion of ‘collective guilt’ over Foley

Clamor to tie the faith of Islam to the Islamic State's (IS) apparent murder of a U.S. journalist in Syria

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