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Letter to Yahya Cholil Staquf regarding meeting with Netanyahu

We are shocked and appalled that on 14 June 2018 you agreed to a meeting, in occupied Jerusalem

Challenging the Zionist False Narrative

To those acquainted with pro-Israel activism, efforts to shield and promote the Zionist state abroad are part and parcel of their suppression of Palestinian rights

PRESS RELEASE – UK: Zionists fail in attempt to prosecute pro-Palestine...

The decision by the Crown Prosecution Service represents a major victory for pro-Palestinian campaigners in Britain.

Event Report: Al Quds Day 2018

The annual march in support of Palestine took place in London on 10 June 2018

Event Report: Al Quds Day 2018 around the world

See where Al Quds Day was commemorated across the world

PRESS RELEASE – UK/Palestine: Pro-Palestine rally passes off peacefully despite far-right/Zionist...

Approximately 8000 people turned out for the annual Al-Quds Day parade which highlights the ongoing suffering of the Palestinians.

Letter to Police Commissioner regarding Al Quds Day 2018

This year the counter-demonstrators are joined will be joined by a large number of neo-Nazi linked football hooligan gangs

PRESS RELEASE – UK/Palestine: Large turnout expected for pro-Palestine rally despite...

Thousands of people are expected to converge on London this weekend to mark this year's Al-Quds Day demonstration in support of the beleaguered Palestinians

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