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URGENT ALERT: Nigeria – Demand Zakzaky’s release

Updated: 16 November 2016

PRESS RELEASE – Nigeria: Military attacks Ashura processions in Nigeria

At least nine people are reported killed after security forces opened fire at mourners taking part in an annual religious procession in Funtua / Islamic Centre in Kaduna set abalze

PRESS RELEASE: Two vigils, one cause – Palestine

IHRC demands justice for Arafat Jaradat

PRESS RELEASE: Bahrain/UK: IHRC Urges Man U Supporters Clubs to ask...

Requesting a moments silence before Chelsea match.

Forwarded Alert: Worldwide – Petition:Supporting the People of Bahrain

The overwhelming force as used by the Bahrain government and supported by Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates are of utmost disgrace.

Action Alert: Bahrain – Ask Turkish Airlines to encourage Manchester...

15 year old Manchester United fan killed by Bahraini security services. Ask Turkish Airlines to impose pressure on Manchester United to remember their fan with a minute’s silence.

The fight for survival goes on in Sri Lanka amid reports...

Civilians say Tamil Tigers fired at those who fled. Witnesses saw victims of phosphorus bombs.

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