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Israel defies US with plan for 240 new homes on Palestinian...

Ehud Barak approved construction in West Bank. Scheme cuts farmers\' access to land, say critics.

Uyghur Farmers to be robbed of land given to Han Chinese...

Uyghur Farmers yet again subjected to cruel treatment by the Chinese central government.

Mahmud Darwish: As the Land is the Language

This film is part of \"Women\'s Cinema from Tangiers to Tehran\" festival. A Documentary on the famous Palestinian poet, his life and works.

Niyazov’s Turkmenistan: The Land of the Personality Cult

An overview of the recent political history, human rights abuses and international issues pertaining to Turkmenistan.

Apartheid in the Holy Land

An analysis of Israeli apartheid.

Apartheid in the Holy Land

An analysis of Israeli apartheid

Palestine – Land of Muslims

A brief chronology of UN resolutions and the history of the Palestinian struggle since 1948 by Shelina Janmohamed.

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