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IHRC Reports and briefings on Counter terrorism measures

A collection of IHRC reports, briefings and publications on UK counter-terror laws

Press Release: IHRC Releases Updated Report on Effects of Terror Laws...

contains updated statistics on anti-terror arrests, details about Terrorism Act 2006 and an update on the original Belmarsh detainees.

Press Release: London Bombings Reports find no Justification for Terror Laws

IHRC reaction over the Londing bombing reports.

Press Release: Briefing on British Anti-Terrorism Laws and the MEK now...

IHRC briefing reviews 'British Anti-Terrorism Policy and the MEK'.

Urgent Alert: Campaign against New Anti-Terror Laws

The Islamic Human Rights Commission is calling upon all campaigners to take urgent action against forthcoming anti-terror legislation.

Proposed Australian Anti-Terror Laws

Australia's pending proposals to introduce new measures under scrutiny.

Press Release: Briefing now online – Anti-terrorism laws in South East...

A prominent London-based human rights organization today called on governments around the world to end their practice of enacting and abusing anti-terrorism laws.

URGENT ALERT: Australia to Pass Draconian Anti-Terrorism Laws based on...

The Australian government has indicated that it will pass "security legislation" based on the UK Terrorism Act 2000 and Anti-Crime and Security Act 2001.

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