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Forwarded Alert: UK –Emergency protest today: UK Government’s Libya Conference

William Hague has called a conference of all parties involved in the action in Libya today.

Forwarded Alert: UK – Rally: Hands Off Libya

Libya could become another Afghanistan and Iraq.

PRESS RELEASE: Libya/Bahrain – Western interests needed action in Libya and...

British foreign policy is more reminiscent of the Big Bad Wolf than it is of Little Red Hiding Hood’s grandma that David Cameron has so cunningly tried to dress it up as.

Forwarded Alert: worldwide– demonstrate against massacres in Libya and Bahrain

Demonstrate in front of the Saudi Embassy, Bahraini Embassy and in Downing street.

PRESS RELEASE: Libya – US / UK / European interference not...

PRESS RELEASE: Libya – US / UK / European interference not welcomed by protestors
IHRC opposes military intervention in Libya by ‘West’

Action Alert: Libya – Call for the prosecution of Gaddafi

IHRC urges campaigners to write letters to their Foreign Secretary / Minister of Foreign Affairs urging them to call on the International Criminal Court to take action against President Gaddafi and his son Saif Al-Islam for giving direct orders to security forces to use live ammunition against peaceful protesters.

PRESS RELEASE: Libya – Benghazi death toll exceeds 200; violence continues

20.35GMT, for immediate release.  IHRC has received reports from Benghazi that ongoing violence against protestors by the regime has resulted in over 200 deaths.

Fear No More

Fahad Ansari on the spirit of revolution in Egypt.

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