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Eye witness account of massacre in Egypt

Eye witness account of massacre in Egypt

Names of those killed at Abu Zabaal

List of the martyrs killed in the Abu Zaabal massacre.

Forwarded Alert: Worldwide – Petition:Supporting the People of Bahrain

The overwhelming force as used by the Bahrain government and supported by Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates are of utmost disgrace.

PRESS RELEASE: Bahrain – UK / US / Arab League silence...

The upsurge in violence against Bahraini protestors within 24 hours of the departure of US Defense Secretary Robert Gates is indicative of the green light given by Washington to this bloody crackdown.

Action Alert: Libya – Call for the prosecution of Gaddafi

IHRC urges campaigners to write letters to their Foreign Secretary / Minister of Foreign Affairs urging them to call on the International Criminal Court to take action against President Gaddafi and his son Saif Al-Islam for giving direct orders to security forces to use live ammunition against peaceful protesters.

Forwarded Alert: UK – Picket Colonel Kemp Apologist for Zionist murderers

Come and join our protest against Colonel Kemp an apologist for Zionist murderers.

GMD Memorial Essay, October 2010: Hebron Massacre by Meherun Nessa...

The Hebron Massacre took place on 25, February 1994, during fajr (dawn) prayer in the holy month of Ramadan.

ACTION ALERT: Kashmir – Write to Indian President to protest killings...

The Islamic Human Rights Commission is extremely concerned over recent unrest in Kashmir and heavy handed measures taken by the government to suppress  protests.

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