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Gaza – One Year On

Gaza - the word that will forever remain etched in the hearts and minds of generations upon generations of people all over the world. 

Assaisnated by Democracy: The Haditha Massacre and US Culpability for...

A briefing on the recent Haditha massacres in Iraq and its implications.

Press Release: New Briefing on Haditha Massacre Assassinated by Democracy: The...

The briefing discusses the nature of war crimes in relation to why 24 Iraqi civilians were killed, and who can be held responsible.

Press Release: IHRC condemns Andijan Massacre as Natural Product of Western...

IHRC condemns in the strongest terms the recent brutal massacre in Andijan of hundreds of unarmed peaceful protestors by Uzbek security forces.

URGENT ALERT: Protest Massacre and Murder in Fallujah

IHRC has produced a model letter for campaigners to send to the British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw to protest British complicity in the crimes being perpetrated in Fallujah.

PRESS RELEASE: IHRC expresses anger at Baghdad market massacre and conveys...

Smart bombs or stupid bombs, the litany of civilian deaths inflicted by American and British bombings continues to mount.

PRESS RELEASE: Escalation of Hindutva Campaign as Anniversary of the Gujarat...

The Islamic Human Rights Commission is highly concerned at right-wing pro-Hindu activities that are taking place in India.

Barak’s Yom Kippur Massacre

While a visibly shaken Ehud Barak threatens to call off the peace process, Israeli tanks and heavy artillery are deployed for the slaughter, with armed settlers going on the rampage.

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