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UK extends surveillance operations in Iraq, Syria

The UK has extended the use of surveillance aircraft in Iraq and Syria until next year

Cameron warns of ‘quietly condoning’ IS ideology

Massoud Shadjareh from IHRC said it was "misguided and dangerous" to suggest that the solution was to tackle the ideology of Islam

UK to stop UK militants returning

Al Etejah TV interviews Massoud Shadjareh

Israel’s survival depends on wars: Analyst

Massoud Shadjareh on Israel's violent existence

Western media bias and Gaza

Massoud Shadjareh features in this discussion on the unfair media coverage of Gaza

Former Guantanamo Detainee Arrested Again

Read a transcript of Massoud Shadjareh's interview with Here & Now's Meghna Chakrabarti on the rearrest of Moazzam Begg

Israel tries to ethnically cleanse Palestine: Activist

Watch a Press TV interview with Massoud Shadjareh about Israel's continuing onslaught on Gaza

ISIL created to split Muslims, taint Islam: Analyst

Watch a Press TV interview with Massoud Shadjareh about ISIL

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