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The Riz Test Brings Muslim Representation to the Forefront of Discussion

The Riz Test focuses on different facets of Muslim representation in film and television

Muslim American Actor Opens Up About The Roles He Won’t Play...

A script written with a Muslim villain might not ever include discussion on why the character does the evil deeds he or she does

‘French govt is trying to make a big deal over recent...

At least ten people were injured Monday in Nantes, France, when a van driver drove into a Christmas market crowd

Debate: Western Media Hypocrisy

Why didn't mainstream media cover the commemoration of Arba'een?

Research: UK Muslims face worst job discrimination

A new study has found that Muslims are facing the worst discrimination in their quest for jobs in the UK

Western media bias and Gaza

Massoud Shadjareh features in this discussion on the unfair media coverage of Gaza

UNSC colonized by world powers: HR activist

Watch a Press TV interview with Massoud Shadjareh on the United Nations and its Security Council

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