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PRESS RELEASE: Egypt – IHRC welcomes the imminent release of Khairat...

IHRC is delighted to hear about the imminent release of Khairat Al-Shater, Deputy Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood, after serving 4 years of a 7 year sentence. His release was authorised by the Supreme Council of Armed Forces this afternoon.

PRESS RELEASE: Libya – US / UK / European interference not...

PRESS RELEASE: Libya – US / UK / European interference not welcomed by protestors
IHRC opposes military intervention in Libya by ‘West’

Alert: Egypt – Ongoing attacks and threats against journalists by the...

The Egyptian Military is working with the security forces and undercover police in arresting journalists, mistreating them and confiscating their ID cards, accreditation cards and cameras.

Nigeria army fights Islamist sect

Heavy fighting continued overnight between the Nigerian military and members of a radical Islamist sect in the northern town of Maiduguri.

Britain and US prepared to open talks with the Taliban

A concerted effort to start unprecedented talks between Taliban and British and American envoys was outlined yesterday in a significant change in tactics designed to bring about a breakthrough in the attritional, eight-year conflict in Afghanistan.

URGENT ALERT: Pakistan – Demand an end to Pakistani military action...

IHRC is gravely concerned about the escalating humanitarian crisis unfolding in northern Pakistan.

Gaza deaths dog Israeli military

Reports have surfaced in the Israeli media suggesting that Israeli forces killed Palestinian civilians under what may have been lax rules of engagement during the Gaza offensive.

Alert Update: Iraq – US Military Release AP Photographer Bilal Hussein

After a detention of two years, Bilal Hussein is absolved of all the charges against him and released on 16 April 2008.

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