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Far-right rally in UK protests plan for mosque construction

British supporters of far-right groups stage a protest rally in Dudley, West Midlands, against plans for building a new mosque there

Islamophobia in West reaching its ultimate degree: Massoud Shadjareh

Press TV talk to IHRC's chairman Massoud on the spying operations in New York

Nail bomb explosion at English mosque a “terrorist” incident

Bomb explosion near mosque treated as terrorist incident.

Islamophobia on the rise in UK

9-11 was a watershed moment. A game-changing tragedy. 

Action Alert: Sri Lanka – Demand an end to violence against...

Write to the UN and the Sri Lankan Foreign Minister demanding that they ensure an immediate end to religious hatred in Sri Lanka targeting Muslims and Christians

Nazi and Islamophobic grafitti on the mosque of Villeneuve-sur-Lot

On the walls, grafitti of "88" (for Heil Hitler) and "Islam out of Europe"

Forwarded Alert: UK / London – Far right demo against harrow...

The far right English Defence League and "Stop the Islamisation of Europe"  are planning on holding an anti-Muslim protest outside Harrow Central Mosque.

PRESS RELEASE: Channel 4’s ‘Dispatches: Undercover Mosque’ another example of...

'The British Media and Muslim Representation: The Ideology of Demonisation' publication launch, London, UK, 26 January 2007

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