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Report on Fact-Finding Mission in Egypt

A report by the Islamic Human Rights Commission

Update Alert: Egypt – Supreme Council of Armed Forces must free...

IHRC urges the Supreme Council of Armed Forces to free all political prisoners and those who were arrested during the protests.

PRESS RELEASE: Egypt – US / UK / EU need to...

In another twist, Hosni Mubarak indicates that he is ‘fed up’ but that ‘Obama has not asked for him to go immediately’.  William Hague, the British foreign secretary, does not wish to advocate ‘who should... go’.

Islamic Human Rights Commission slams Mubarak

The Islamic Human Rights Commission has slammed Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak for refusing to step down immediately.

PRESS RELEASE: Egypt – Mubarak must go

Hosni Mubarak’s chilling message that he will be staying until September, is reminiscent of a Mafia foot soldier’s threats backed up by the Godfather. 

PRESS RELEASE: Egypt/ Tony Blair/ Pro-Mubarak violence – UK, USA,...

Statement from IHRC on violence against protestors/ Tony Blair comments

The Great Unravelling

Tunisia, Egypt and the Protracted Collapse of the American Empire by Nafeez Ahmed.

The Egyptian barriers of silence have been broken and the sun...

Veteran Egyptian activist, D. Ashraf Abdelghaffar commends the Egyptian people's revolt againt Hosny Mubarak's corrupt regime.

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