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Citizen India

A collection of resources and links from IHRC in relation to the events taking place in Kashmir

Citizen India – Background

. To find out more and take part in IHRC's campaign for equality in India please visit the Citizen India page.

PRESS RELEASE – India: Gujarat massacre verdict should not be an...

IHRC believes that there is sufficient evidence to implicate Modi and his administration for stoking the 2002 bloodshed or at least standing by while Muslims were mercilessly killed

Press release – UK: Modi visit exposes UK double standards

The visit to the UK of Indian PM Narendra Modi exposes the government's hypocrisy in claiming to tackle extremism.

Directors’ Q&A of ‘Even the Crows: A Divided Gujarat’

Q&A with Sheena Sumaria and Sonum Sumaria

What’s new at www.ihrc.org.uk?

An exhibition launch, training courses and bookshop all in one place. What more could you ask for?

Let the Right One In: Britain’s Invitation to Narendra Modi

Protest at Brent Civic Centre against invitation to Narendra Modi  

Protest in UK over invitation to Modi

Various organisations picketed outside Brent Civic Centre in London against invitation to Narendra Modi by Barry Gardiner.

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