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Urgent Alert: Protest Against Colin Powell Attending London Fundraiser for Jewish...

On the 15th of January, former U.S secretary of state Colin Powell will be a guest speaker for a fund- raising dinner at the Park Lane Hotel for the Jewish National Fund. We are calling on everyone to protest outside the hotel.

UK: London, National Day of Action for Palestine

A symbolic human wall will be formed and \'demolished\' - but we need your
help to do this!

Briefing now available on-line: Muslim Women, Human Rights and Religious Freedom...

Briefing deals with flagrant human rights and international law violations incurred by bans in various European countries on Muslim women's dress in state schools.

Muslim Women, Human Rights and Religious Freedom: Europe Under the Spotlight...

How France, Germany and Belgium hav eundermined their own constitutions and violated human right sprinciples and laws in their proposed hijab bans.

UK National Demonstration: Stop Bush!

London - If there is only one STOP BU$H event that you can make - this is the one.

UK Event: National Demonstration Against War On Iraq

The Stop The War Coalition has called a national demonstration against the imminent war on Iraq.

National Headscarf Day

Australian civil society solidarity action with victims of the anti-Muslim backlash.

Legislating Against Terror or Breaking Dissent? National Anti-Terrorism Laws 1998 –...

Faisal Bodi provides an overview and analysis of anti-terrorism laws either enacted or proposed in the UK, USA, Canada and South Africa, and assesses...

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