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Update Alert: Libya – Good news about the refugees in Misratah

Some groups of refugees detained in Misratah are about to be resettled in countries elsewhere.

PRESS RELEASE: News of possible release of Lebanese prisoners greeted with...

IHRC cautiously welcomes news that Sheikh Abdulkareem Obaid and Mustafa Dirani, two Lebanese national kidnapped in 1989 and 1994 by the Israeli Defence Force.

Media Monitoring: BBC News on-line

Please complain to BBC news online about the following articles:
'Iraq curfew lifted for Ramadan' 26 October 2003
'Rabbis back Israeli \'guard pigs\' 28 October 2003

British Satellite News: Muslims Consider Hidden Victims of September 11

Research conducted by the Islamic Human Rights Commission says that the surge in anti-Muslim activity following September 11 should be met with anti-discrimination legislation in the UK to protect the Muslim community.

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