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PRESS RELEASE – Europe: European anti face-veil ruling legalises discrimination against...

The ruling is the latest in a series by the ECtHR to effectively legalise Islamophobia

Press release – Belgium: UN urged to pressurise Belgium into reversing...

The submission to the United Nations focuses on the state attack on the niqab

European Court of Human Rights judgment on French laws banning the...

Lena Mohamed looks at the June 2014 judgment in the ECtHR over the French ban on face veils

European Court stands firm on French full veil ban

Arzu Merali on the European Court of Human Right's decision to uphold France's ban on wearing full face veils in public.

Press release: European Court decision makes second class citizens of Muslims

The ECHR has decided to uphold the French ban on wearing the full face veil in public.

IHRC concerned over UK Niqab ‘debate’

UK following disturbing precedent 

Trappes: Sacrilege as Politics.

Parti des Indegenes de la Republique on recent events

Champion of UK burka ban declares war on veil-wearing constituents

Last night Muslim groups condemned Philip Hollobone and accused him of failing in his duty as an MP.

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