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IHRC finds it deplorable that a Muslim mother was turned away...

It is deplorable that a Muslim mother wishing to attend her 18-year-old son’s parents evening was turned away at the lobby of a Manchester College for wearing the niqab.

PRESS RELEASE: France – On the brink of a new era...

IHRC warns that a National Assembly vote of ban Islamic dress will legitimize and encourage the rise of right-wing anti-Muslim sentiment and discrimination.

Action Alert: Spain – Barcelona Niqab ban

Barcelona is due to ban the Niqab (Islamic face veil) in some public places by the end of the summer, 2010.

Alert: Belgium – Draft proposal to ban the niqab in process

The consequences of wearing the niqab in Belgium would be a fine of 30 Euros and a 7 day prison sentence. 


On Monday October 5Th 2009, shaikh Muhammad Sayyed Tantawi, head of Al Azhar University, Egypt ordered a school girl to remove her Niqab.

Bus firm accused of thinly-veiled racism

A woman wearing a Muslim headscarf was told by a bus driver to take off her "mask" because it was against the law to wear it on board.

Press Release: IHRC Welcomes New Guidelines on Wearing Niqab in Court

IHRC welcomes guidelines published today by the Judicial Studies Board\'s Equal Treatment Advisory Committee on the wearing of the niqab in court

Protest ban on niqab at Impreial College, London

Forwarded alert from FOSIS

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