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Alert: Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman Postcards Now Available Online for Order

Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman Postcards can now be ordered online, by phone or in writing.

Press Release: Review of Minority Conditions in China – Briefing On-Line...

This briefing gives extensive background information on the persecution of religious and other minorities in China

PRESS RELEASE: Briefing now available on-line: Kashmir and Self-Determination: International Law...

A look at ways forward on the issue of Kashmir, under international law. This briefing is particularly potent at a time of increasing regional tension.

Forwarded Alert: Latest issue of Palestine Internationalist (www.palint.org) on-line now.

This issue focuses on Hamas and includes the following papers: \'Hamas as a Revolutionary Movement\', \'Setting the Record Straight on Hamas\' and \'To Sit and Wait for Death: Remembering Jenin and Operation Defensive Shield in \'Absent Justice\'\'

Action Alert: Help IHRC: Iconic IHRC T-Shirt – Long Sleeve,...

A long sleeve, unisex, version of the iconic IHRC T-shirt is now available. Great for demonstrations or everyday wear.

Latest issue of Palestine Internationalist (www.palint.org) on-line now

Includes contributions from Les Levidow, Mohamad Nasrin Nasir, and Fahad Ansari.

Alert: Morocco Prisoners of Faith Pack Now Available

The latest campaign pack available for download is 'The Moroccan 12.' It brings to light the extraordinary suffering of twelve students in Morocco who have been imprisoned for the past fifteen years.

Alert: New Updated ‘Know Your Rights’ Leaflets are Now Available to...

In light of the ever-increasing focus upon the Muslim community in Britain, IHRC, in conjunction with Arani Solicitors, has published new and updated Know Your Rights Leaflets.

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