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Campaign Update: Prisoners of Faith – Nureddin Sirin, Turkey

Unfortunately the amnesty hearing of Nureddin Sirin was postponed due to bad weather last week. The new hearing date is 17th March.

Prisoner of Faith Campaign Update: New date for Nureddin Sirin...

IHRC is calling on all campaigners to intensify their efforts for the release of Nureddin Sirin, Turkish prisoner of faith. A new date has been set for an amnesty hearing for 13th February 2004.

Campaign Update: Prisoners of Faith – Campaign for amnesty for...

Campaigners are requested to email / write to / fax the Turkish Prime Minister and the Minister for Foreign Affairs in their country requesting they advocate for an amnesty for Turkish journalist Nureddin Sirin.

Campaign Alert: Demand an amnesty for Nureddin Sirin, Turkey

The campaign for Nureddin Sirin enters a critical phase.


IHRC has received reports that Nuredin Sirin is once again being subjected to torture.

Prisoners Faith: Nureddin Sirin, Mehmet Ali Tekin and Tamar Aslan,...

Updated details on the cases of Muslim activists in Turkey, including the recent Selam-Tevhid trials.

ALERT UPDATE: Mehmet Ali TEKIN and Nureddin SIRIN, Prisoners of Faith,...

Mehmet Ali Tekin, a journalist, was sentenced to twelve and half years imprisonment for membership of an illegal organisation last month... Nureddin Sirin, another journalist, was sentenced to seventeen and a half years imprisonment in 1997 for helping to

URGENT ALERT UPDATE: PRISONER OF FAITH Nureddin Sirin out of solitary...

Muslim journalist Nureddin Sirin was imprisoned in 1997 for 17 and half years for helping to organise a protest in support of Palestinian resistance to Israeli occupation.

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