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IHRC Weekly Message: Why The Ofsted Chief Must Resign

In this week's message from IHRC, Arzu Merali talks about the school hijab ban and why the Ofsted Chief, Amanda Spielman has to resign.

PRESS RELEASE – UK: OFSTED condones and promotes anti-Muslim discrimination

The fact that only the religious practice of Muslims was singled out clearly indicates the discriminatory nature of the proposal

Letter to Amanda Spielman regarding interrogation of hijab-wearing students

We believe that this new recommendation to your inspectors violates the rights of young children

Education: the new battleground for Muslim assimilation

The heavy crackdown against Muslim schools reveals much more about the government's strategy for assimilating Britain's Muslims than any genuine fears about radicalisation or extremism, believes Faisal Bodi.

British Values and the British Muslims

A statement from AbdoolKarim Vakil of King’s College London on British values and Muslims

Press release: Islamophobia runs rampant in ‘Trojan Horse’ conclusions

From the very outset the response of the authorities has been Islamophobic in nature, ideological in aim and disproportionate in scale.

Press release: Trojan Horse school row betrays anti-Muslim witchhunt

Investigations showcase the same Islamophobic tropes that gave rise to them

Al-Madinah School Set For Special Measures

A Muslim free school is set to be put into special measures after a damning report called it "dysfunctional" and "inadequate".

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