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PRESS RELEASE: Briefing now available on-line: Kashmir and Self-Determination: International Law...

A look at ways forward on the issue of Kashmir, under international law. This briefing is particularly potent at a time of increasing regional tension.

Forwarded Alert: Latest issue of Palestine Internationalist (www.palint.org) on-line now.

This issue focuses on Hamas and includes the following papers: \'Hamas as a Revolutionary Movement\', \'Setting the Record Straight on Hamas\' and \'To Sit and Wait for Death: Remembering Jenin and Operation Defensive Shield in \'Absent Justice\'\'

Latest issue of Palestine Internationalist (www.palint.org) on-line now

Includes contributions from Les Levidow, Mohamad Nasrin Nasir, and Fahad Ansari.

PRESS RELEASE: ‘Social Discrimination: Across the Muslim Divide’ now available...

IHRC's seminal report on discrimination against Muslims is now available to download without charge from our website

‘Against Zionism: Jewish Perspective’ conference audio and papers on-line

Listen to rabbis, academics and activists on why they oppose Zionism.

Latest Issue of Palestine Internationalist on-line now, www.palint.org

Forwarded Message from Palestine Internationalist. Latest Issue entitled Challenging Zionism, on-line now.

Donate to IHRC in US Dollars, Euros or Pounds Sterling; Fundraise...

Help IHRC through different donation options.

Press Release: Briefing on the recent naturalisation tests in Germany now...

IHRC's latest briefing 'Űber-citizens: A Briefing on the recent naturalisation tests in Germany' is now available on-line.

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