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Amnesty International 2009 Human Rights Report on Afghanistan

Many regional officials and militia commanders continued to perpetrate human rights violations with impunity.

Medical aid convoy stranded on Gaza border

A convoy bringing medical aid to Gaza is stranded at the border with Egypt, after most of the activists and volunteers with it were denied entry.

Big attack on Mogadishu Islamists

Somalia's Western-backed government forces have launched a major attack against Islamist militants in the capital, Mogadishu.

Alert: Gaza/Egypt – Medics and aid workers remain on hunger strikes,...

Medics and aid workers remain on hunger strike at the Rafah border crossing after continuing to be denied entry, while Assed Baig blogs from location.

UK medics go on hunger strike after being refused entry into...

Since the 4th of May Hammersmith team has been stuck in Egypt at Rafa crossing. The Group is on humanitarian mission to set up cardiac hospital unit.

The fight for survival goes on in Sri Lanka amid reports...

Civilians say Tamil Tigers fired at those who fled. Witnesses saw victims of phosphorus bombs.

FORWARDED PRESS RELEASE: Gaza/Rafah – Medics and aid workers go on...

British, Belgian and Greek doctors, nurses and aid workers will go on hunger strike tomorrow over the Egyptian Authorities' refusal to allow entry into Gaza.

PM – Obama embarks on peace in the Middle East

This is a transcript from PM. A program broadcasted on Australian Radio National and ABC Local Radio.

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