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Conference to review ‘war on terrorism’

Members of Pax Christi and Christian CND will be attending a conference starting at 2pm this Saturday, 15 December, at the Greenwood Theatre, Guy's...

Information & Campaign Pack for UK Muslims in the Wake of...

The information contained herein may be useful for Muslims in other countries. Please contact IHRC for further information or with suggestions

Robsinson’s attack on NGO Declaration misleading

IHRC condemns Mary Robinson's misleading attack on paragraphs 418 and 419 of the NGO Declaration at the World Conference Against Racism.

ZANZIBAR: Launch of Report on Human Rights Abuses

New report on the background to the current violence and human rights abuses in Zanzibar was launched on 30th May 2001 in London, UK.

Reports on Hman Rights Abuses in Zanzibar and Mauritius Launched today

IHRC will be launching its latest two reports on human rights abuses in Zanzibar and Mauritius, tonight at 6

ZANZIBAR: Launch of Report on Human Rights Abuses

Current situation inevitable result of union with Tanganyika

MAURITIUS: Launch of Report on Human Rights Abuses

Police Brutality and Systematic Abuse Prevalent, claims Legal Observer

Suppressing Dissent: The Crackdown on Muslims in Zanzibar

The lack of international concern over the anti-Muslim attacks in Zanzibar, leave observers worried that another Kosova type situation is waiting to explode in...

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