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New Report on Religious Discrimination: Islamophobia Needs More Action, Not More...

In the wake of persistent pressure, the Home Office has contracted the University of Derby to undertake research on religious discrimination.

Tanzanian Government Crackdown on Muslims in Zanzibar

Tanzanian police are cracking down brutally on opposition supporters in Zanzibar, after an estimated 2,800 people protested at the end of January against alleged fraud in the general elections.

Britain to Clampdown on Muslim “Terrorists”

Kashmir killing by British national provides pretext to demonise UK Muslim community

Campaign to End UN Sanctions on Iraq

IHRC's pack of campaign materials designed to aid camapigners to protest against the UN imposed genocidal sanctions on Iraq.


It's not just Kosova. The whole area is full of Muslim and other communities targeted by the Serbs. Muslims from Sanjak are already fleeing.

10,000 TO DIE TO SAVE CLINTON: IHRC condemns proposed airstrikes on...

Once more the threat of airstrikes against Iraq looms.

A briefing on the human rights situation in Nigeria as of...

The Islamic Human Rights Commission is deeply concerned about the continuing human rights abuses in Nigeria under the leadership of General Abdulsalami Abubakar.

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