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Action Alert: UK / Palestine / Israel – Protest against...

Join the protest against G4S and Israel’s practise of “administrative detention”

Vigil in London against the arrest of Palestinian political prisoners

Join the protest in solidarity with imprisoned Palestinian MPs

EVENT ALERT: UK – Protest in London against the arrest of...

Join the protest in solidarity with imprisoned Palestinian MPs

The visit to Trandum

An update from Palestinerleir.no about Mohammed's detention pending possible deportation.

Arrest and threat of deportation at Norway Palestinian Refugee Camp

Dana Mahmood reports on breaking news that one of the refugees has been picked up by Norwegian authorities for deportation.

Palestinian refugees suffering rejection and homelessness in Oslo

There are some 45 homeless Palestinian refugees living on the cold streets of Oslo, Norway.

PRESS RELEASE: Palestine / Egypt / Israel – Why Silence over...

Despite announcing its intentions to attack Gaza, the Israeli regime has had little if any condemnation from the international community for both its threats and the enactment of them.

PRESS RELEASE: Syria – Crisis in Palestinian refugee camp in Latakia

IHRC is deeply concerned by reports from Latakia.

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