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Countering Terror or Counter-Productive? Comparing Irish and Muslim Experiences of Counter-insurgency...

This report is a record of, and reflection on, two days of discussions that took place in Belfast in June 2009 between a group of Irish human rights and community activists and political ex-prisoners, ... and representatives of a number of Muslim groups working on similar issues today.

Straight Talk: Revealing the Real U.S.-Africa Policy

It's time for some straight talk on U.S. foreign policy as it relates to Africa.

Israel: No policy change after Obama speech

JERUSALEM (AP) — Israeli officials say the country will not halt construction in West Bank settlements even after the U.S. president's explicit call to do so.

British Anti-Terrorism Policy and the MEK

A critical review of hypocrisy within British anti-terrorist policy over the Mojahedin-e-Khalq (MEK).

Forwarded Alert: Call to Reverse EU Starvation Policy

A campaign that is launch by various Human Rights Organizations to reverse the decision taken by EU to suspend aid to the Palestinian Government. It also includes a sample petition to be written to your MP.

PRESS RELEASE: IHRC Concern at Government policy regarding the ‘Muslim...

IHRC is deeply concerned at what appears to be the British government's strategy to 'deal with the Muslim community'.

AUSTRALIA – Deep Concerns Over Government White Papaer on Counter-Terrorism Policy

IHRC's latest briefing looks at Australia's latest anti-terror discussion generated by the government's white paper: 'Transnational Terrorism: the threat to Australia'.

Australia – Deep Concerns Over Government White Paper on Counter-Terrorism Policy

On 29 March 2004 Australian prime minister John Howard announced plans to prepare a white paper on terrorism. This briefing looks at some key areas of concern.

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