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PREVENT Resource Pack for Parents

Our resource pack to help parents deal with this insidious policy

‘Preventing Violent Extremism?’ Conference

The "Preventing Violent Extremism?" conference was held on the 13th June 2015 by a number of crics of the policy.

Prevent Islamophobia -Goldsmiths Final Plenary Project

Arzu Merali's presentation on the internalisation of the Prevent and anti-terrorism regimes.Keywords: Prevent, anti-terrorism,...

UK Prevent strategy ‘promoting extremism’, UN warns

Special rapporteur says Prevent strategy is having 'opposite of intended effect' and creating 'Big Brother' culture reminiscent of Soviet Union

PRESS RELEASE – UK: Extremism bill will destroy our freedoms not...

The proposals confirm our view that anti-terrorism policy is part of a wider social engineering exercise designed to control and shape Islam and Muslims in Britain

PREVENT: Understanding and Reacting

Friday, 15 April at 6.30pm

PRESS RELEASE – UK: IHRC dismayed by government response to Prevent...

Government tells schools to ignore advice on how to implement the controversial Prevent anti-terrorism policy

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