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The New Prevent: Birkbeck and the Future of Universities

For activists and academics, the cancellation of the conference shows that Birkbeck is not as progressive as it believes

Islamophobia In UK: Muslim Leaders Allege Government Contributes To Anti-Muslim Sentiment

Muslim organizations claimed that programs by the British government have contributed to Islamophobia in the U.K

Preventing Violent Extremism?

The conference will take place on 13 June 2015 from 2 - 5pm (lunch at 1pm)

VENUE CHANGED TO: Amanah Centre, 251 Commercial Road, London E1 2BT

Press release – UK: Conference to tackle pernicious government deradicalisation programme

The conference is being held this Saturday 13 June from 2-5pm

Conference will dissect Britain’s pernicious PREVENT programme

Since its inception Prevent has expanded from being an intrusive surveillance programme into an invasive social engineering exercise

Prevent Guidance for Scotland and Respect for Anti-war Campaigning

Open Letter to the Scottish Government on Prevent from Scotland Against Criminalising Communities. Supported by IHRC

France attacks and UK push for spying powers

British officials have cited the Paris killings for the need to bolster internet surveillance of terrorism suspects

Our answer to the Paris attacks

What is going on in Europe? And how do we get out of this mess?

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