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PRESS RELEASE: Muslims and Jews to Protest Together Against Zionism

Hundreds of protestors from across the political and religious spectrum are expected to picket the annual "Celebrating Israel" celebrations in London, UK tomorrow.

PALESTINE Protest material for ’54 years of Israel Celebrations’

Flyer that can be downloaded and used for demonstrations, protests or awareness raising.

UK Event: London – Protest Against Zionist Federation ‘Happy Birthday...

IHRC will be there from 1 p.m. - 6 p.m.

Al-Awda: Picket – In protest against the Israeli crimes against the...

Protest outside Israeli embassy, London.

Vigil to Protest Genocide in India

Over a thousand people have been killed in anti-Muslim violence in the Indian state of Gujarat since 27 February 2002.

URGENT ALERT: PHILIPPINES: Protest against summary executions of Esmael Omar...

June 8, 2000, at about 5:30 pm, two male Muslims were accosted in the
street by 10 policemen of the Manila Western Police District in one of the the capital's busiest districts, Quiapo.

Istanbul Police start to put people under surveilance due to the...

Since 12 Ekim 1998, Istanbul Police start to put people under surveillance because of the "Hand in Hand Protest Campaign for the Head Scarf Ban."

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