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Nigeria Digest #33

An update on Global FreeZakzaky Protests and continous demonstrations in Nigeria despite brutal Police crackdown in Abuja

Event Report: Global FreeZakzaky Protests

Global Protests to mark 100 continuous days of FreeZakzaky demonstrations in Nigeria took place on 15 April 2018

PRESS RELEASE – Abuja, Nigeria: Police open fire at Free Zakzaky...

Eye-witnesses report that the dead and wounded were targeted by sniper fire as they tried to stage a peaceful protest

Protest: Free Zakzaky

Sunday, 15 April from 3 - 7pm

Event Report: Protesting Saudi Injustice

On 8 March, IHRC and others took to parliament in London to protest Saudi injustice

ALERT: Protest Saudi Prince Mohammad bin Salman’s visit

The protest will take place on 7 March from 5pm outside Downing Street

PRESS RELEASE – UK/Saudi Arabia: Demonstration against Saudi Prince’s visit on...

The actions of the Prince and the Saudi regime have been outrageous. Their gross human rights violations must be condemned.

Nigeria Digest # 21

Update on last week events including protests and daily sit out in Abuja and Nigerian Govt's attempts to legitimise unconstitutional detention of Sheikh Zakzaky.

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