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PRESS RELEASE – UK: National Islamophobia Conference

The conference will take place on 10 December 2017

Don’t mention the (permanent) war: Dunkirk and the histories and imageries...

Despite the momentous achievement in film, there are deeply troubling representations of Britishness that should cause alarm argues Arzu Merali

The message repeats, you must ‘integrate’

Take a deep breath and start resisting

Environment of Hate: How it Works

A slew of trolling in the last few days has shown exactly how racism permeates every level

Europe’s tide of hating the other makes us all Muslims now

Islamophobia is undeniably on the rise - and that's a problem for us all as all forms of racism are relegitimised in the process

Islamophobia: The Environment of Hate in the UK – United Nations

In Geneva on Thursday, 29 September

Focal Point: Is politics an optional part of the Islamic faith?

Sunday, 18 September at 4pm

Race and political power

As Frantz Fanon taught us, “a society is either racist or it is not.” And since only the truth is revolutionary, I will tell the truth.

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