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URGENT ALERT: SUDAN – Members of Popular Congress Implicated in Recent...

Popular Congress leader Dr Hasan Al-Turabi and several party members implicated to be involved with Jem forces in the bloodshed in Omdurman.

Press Release: Briefing on the recent naturalisation tests in Germany now...

IHRC's latest briefing 'Űber-citizens: A Briefing on the recent naturalisation tests in Germany' is now available on-line.

Über-Citizens: Briefing on the Recent Naturalisation Tests in Germany

A critical overview of recent developments in immigration rules in Germany.

PRESS RELEASE: Media Islamophobia in the Wake of Recent Tel-Aviv Bombing

IHRC is concerned at recent media hype and resultant Islamophobia that surrounds the possible involvement of two British Muslims in Wednesday's Tel Aviv bombing.

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