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UN urged to safeguard prisoners and refugees during pandemic

PRESS RELEASE:In the light of the Covid-19 pandemic sweeping the world IHRC has written to the UN...

"Protect our laws and humanity!" Open Letter by 256 Organizations

IHRC is one of the 256 signatories to this urgent letter regarding the situation of refugees currently stranded on Europe's borders. Please share and make your voice heard.

Rohingya Detained While Fleeing Myanmar

Arzu Merali discusses the latest atrocities.

Collective Expulsion: The case against Britain’s mass deportation charter flights

UK's Home Office has used specially chartered flights to deport rejected refugees and migrants en masse for 12 years now.

Separation: Shiite refugees praying without prayer mats

Sampang Shiite refugees segregated from Jamah on Eid, as not considered Muslims.

Update Alert: Indonesia – Food and water reinstated in Sampang sports...

IHRC welcomes the news of the reinstatement of food and water in the Sampang sports complex

Arrest and threat of deportation at Norway Palestinian Refugee Camp

Dana Mahmood reports on breaking news that one of the refugees has been picked up by Norwegian authorities for deportation.

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