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Action Alert: Saudi Arabia – Thamir Al-Khidr must be released from...

Son of human rights activist, 20, tortured and detained despite court ruling for his release

Alert: UK /Israel/Palestine – British journalist Hassan Ghani released from Israeli...

British journalist Hassan Ghani has been released after being detained illegally by the Israeli forces.

PRESS RELEASE: UK – IHRC Chair Massoud Shadjareh commenting on newly...

A 13% success rate is an indication of heavy-handed policing instrumental to the alienation and criminalisation of the Muslim community

Forwarded Alert: Afghanistan – Journalist released from US air base in...

After being held for several months, he was released as a result of lawsuit brought by US and Afghan human rights groups in the US.

Alert: US – Sami Al-Arian released on bail

The Islamic Human Rights Commission welcomes the recent release of Sami Al-Arian on bail.

Alert Update: Al-Jazeerah camerman Sami Al Haj released from Guantanamo Bay

Prisoner of Faith Sami Al Haj was released today and returns to his home in Sudan.

Alert Update: Nigeria – 16 of the 127 Detainees Have Been...

16 of the 127 detained members of Shia group in Sokoto, held for past six months, have been granted bail by Federal High Court in Sokoto.

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