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FORWARDED PRESS RELEASE: UK/Guantanamo – Cageprisoners Welcomes The Return of Binyam...

Cageprisoners today welcomes the return of Binyam Mohammed- a British resident unlawfully detained in Guantanamo Bay for the last seven years

Alert: Eritrean Refugees in Libya Facing Torture / Forcible Return to...

Hundreds of Eritrean refugees in Libya, who fled their country to escape oppression, are currently detained in Libya in various detention facilities. They now face deportation to Eritrea and the possibility of ill treatment and torture.

Eritrean Refugees in Libya Facing Torture / Forcible Return to their...

A Briefing detailing the plight of the detainees who have never been charged or tried in court and are being held facing impending deportation to Eritrea where they may be subjected to ill-treatment and torture.

PRESS RELEASE: IHRC Observer team return from Lebanon

IHRC sent a team of observers to Lebanon to investigate breaches of international humanitarian law in the recent conflict.

CAMPAIGN UPDATE: British Muslims detained by Israeli security services to...

Having worked on this case for several days, IHRC is pleased to note that three British Muslim women detained by Israeli security services are due to return home Friday 17th September.

URGENT ALERT: Sign petition to the British Foreign Secretary Demanding...

The Guantanamo Human Rights Commission will be submitting a petition at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office on 16th June, asking for the repatriation of the remaining British detainees held at Guantanamo Bay.

PRC Conference: “Israeli Law of Return and its Impact on the...

The Palestinian Return Centre invites you to an International Conference
Under the auspices of His Excellency the Secretary General of the Arab League, Mr. Amru Mousa on the"Israeli Law of Return and its Impact on the Conflict in Palestine̶

IHRC Rapporteurs Return from Turkey: Preliminary Statement

IHRC Rapporteurs were deeply concerned upon their arrival to hear of the case of a 14 year old protestor (name witheld), who mounted a pseudo-Marxist demonstration against university fees, outside the Turkish Parliament building in Ankara.

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