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Equal in the Eyes of the Law: Police Brutality and...

IHRC observer, Osama Daneshyar visits Mauritius on a fact-finding mission as to the state of human rights in the justice system. He reports...

World Celebrates Global Human Rights Crisis

International Day of Human Rights has little relevance for most of the world's people, particularly Muslims

Briefing for Commonwealth Ministers: Human Rights & Religious Minorities in Papua...

Home Affairs Minister of PNG, Andrew Kumbakor has stated that his ministry is in the process of drafting legislation 'to apply control measures' to non-Christian religions. Whilst the main target of such legislation is Islam, such legislation … [MISSING TEXT]

Muslims and the Human Rights Act: A new beginning or new...

The IHRC welcomes the implementation of the Human Rights Act in the UK, starting Monday October 2, 2000.


Petition of one thousand ignored, as Brent hires out Town Hall to Zionist Federation


IHRC is backing recent calls for the improvement of human rights in the Middle East, and in particular draws attention to the reports of human rights observers to the situation of Lebanese, Palestinian and Israeli civilians at the hands of Israeli author

PRESS RELEASE: ‘From the Heart of Palestine’ Full text of essay...

IHRC has in its possession a copy of the full text of the essay by Layla Cassim, the 14 year old South African student who was subjected to a spate of human rights abuses by her college.

Turkey: Education rights violations 1998 – 1999

Istanbul University students who wear the hijab are first interrogated, then forced to sign a statement saying that they will remove their hijab.

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