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PRESS RELEASE – UK: London mayor’s failure to act against extremists...

Police have already confirmed to IHRC that 2018's counter demonstration will consist of a coalition of Zionists, far-right extremists and neo-Nazi groups

Letter to Mayor of London regarding failure to act against extremists

Sadiq Khan did not respond to questions about the abuse and violence faced by Londoners who attended the Al-Quds day demonstration in June 2017

PRESS RELEASE – UK: London stop and search policing drive must...

Statistics show that Black and Asian people are more likely to be stopped by police than white people (8 times more likely for a black person).

Letter to Mayor of London regarding stop and search

The problems thrown up by stop and search have been known for many years to officials and communities

PRESS RELEASE – UK: Sadiq Khan accused of betraying Londoners over...

He also connects the Al-Quds Day demonstration with anti-semitism and extremism telling Rudd he will do everything in his power to crack down on both

Letter to Mayor of London regarding his Al Quds Day stance

Your intervention was effectively a political one in favour of pro-Israel groups

PRESS RELEASE – UK: Al-Quds Day success galls Zionist cheerleaders

Zionist media has continued trying to demonise the demonstration even after the event

Letter from Mayor of London re: Al Quds Day 2017

Read the response from Sadiq Khan after our letter sent on 18 May

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