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Saudi Arabia Is To Blame For ISIS

Massoud Shadjareh on Press TVhttps://youtu.be/gBEWs8VZjb4

NGOs demand UN action on Yemen crisis

The humanitarian crisis in Yemen is really dire at the moment. Nine million people are suffering real trauma there and they need aid urgently

Press release – Yemen: International response to crisis is perverse

The UN has given the green light to continue to bomb the Yemeni people

Press release: Dead Saudi dissident may have been poisoned

Concern over poisoning allegations

Press Release: Saudi human rights commitment must be genuine

IHRC scecptical about Saudi claims

Usama Al Atar thanks IHRC for securing his release

Usama Al Atar from Canada thanks IHRC for securing his release from a Saudi jail. During last year’s Haj, Usama Al Atar was arrested after which IHRC campaigned for his release.

BREAKING NEWS / PRESS RELEASE: Saudi Arabia – Saudi forces target...

IHRC’s full account of a despicable attack by Saudi forces targeting children in Qatif.

‘Palestine highlights Saudi hypocrisy’

Saudi Arabia sent 1,000 troops to Bahrain to help the ruling Al Khalifa family in its brutal crackdown on anti-government protesters.

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