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Palestine calls for Security Council resolution in wake of UN report

Palestinian authority expresses its satisfaction of the latest UN report on Gaza, Calling on the UN to purse for compensation.

Forwarded Alert: BAHRAIN – Four Youths Tortured into Confessing to Attack...

Four youths arrested and tortured severely so that they confess to charges of riots, attacking officers and damaging security vehicles.

Whose Security? What Intelligence?

The Need for an Independent Public Inquiry into the 7/7 London Bombings

Alert: Nigerian security forces crackdown on Islamic Movement in Sokoto

Following the death of a popular Sunni cleric in Sokoto, Shia community is persecuted in the region at the hands of Nigerian security forces.

Press Release: Control Orders and Abusive System provide No Security

IHRC reiterates its opposition to control orders.

CAMPAIGN UPDATE: British Muslims detained by Israeli security services to...

Having worked on this case for several days, IHRC is pleased to note that three British Muslim women detained by Israeli security services are due to return home Friday 17th September.

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