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PRESS RELEASE: UK – Concerns over possible continued harsh sentencing of...

We are concerned that such heavy sentencing, the subsequent confiscation of passports and other intimidatory measures are an attempt to deter protesting.

URGENT ALERT UPDATE: NIGERIA – 113 Sokoto detainees each sentenced 11...

The 113 remaining detained members of the Shia group in Sokoto have each been sentenced 11 years in prison after 10 months of detention awaiting their trial.

Press Release: Khairat Al-Shater Sentenced to Seven Years in Prison

IHRC condemns in the strongest terms the final verdict of the Muslim Brotherhood military trial.

Urgent Alert: Khairat Al-Shater Sentenced to Seven Years in Prison

Several of the detained Muslim Brotherhood leaders have been given prison terms in the final verdict of the military trial.

ALERT UPDATE: Aljazeera’s Taysir Alouni Sentenced to Seven Years Imprisonment

The arrest, detention, and conviction of Taysir are clear signs of the witch-hunt taking place against Muslims today

URGENT ALERT: Write to Libyan authorities urging for justice for the...

On the 6th of May 2004 a Palestinian doctor, Ashraf Ahmad Jum'a Al-Hujuj, and five Bulgarian nurses were sentenced to death by the Benghazi Criminal Court in Libya.

USA: Kathy Kelly was sentenced to jail

Kathy Kelly, co-founder of Voices in the Wilderness and three-time Nobel Peace Prize nominee, was sentenced to three months in federal prison for enacting her habit of bearing witness against US military violence

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