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PRESS RELEASE – UK: Demostration to mark Saudi execution of Sheikh...

The demonstration will take place at Downing Street in London on Sunday 21 February between 2.30-5pm

Demonstration for Sheikh Nimr – United Nations

Saturday, 16 January at 2pm

Press release – Saudi Arabia: IHRC appeals to UN to help...

Circumstances have deteriorated for Sheikh Nimr with credible information emerging that his execution may be imminent.

A letter to the OHCHR regarding Sheikh Nimr’s death sentence

IHRC has reason to believe that Sheikh Nimr's execution may be imminent 

Press release – Saudi Arabia: IHRC appeals to UN to help...

Sheikh Nimr is one of many victims of the government's crackdown on all opposition to its authoritarian regime

Press release – Saudi Arabia: UN urged to help halt execution...

IHRC has written to the UN requesting that it urgently intervene to prevent what is believed to be the imminent execution of a leading scholar and opposition figure.

A letter regarding Sheikh NimrBaqir al-Nimr’s execution

Letter to the OHCHR in response to the planned execution of Sheikh NimrBaqir al-Nimr in Saudi Arabia

Britons protest in London demanding release of Saudi cleric Sheikh al-Nimr

Coverage of the International Day of Protest Against Saudi Politcal Prisoners

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